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SAP Analytics Cloud Release Q2 2024

With the second quarter of 2024, the latest update to SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) brings a wealth of new features and improvements that further optimize the user experience and analytical capabilities. In this article we would like to give you a detailed overview of the most significant innovations and features introduced with the Q2 update. From expanded visualization options to improved integration options.

Augmented analytics

Forecast planning – Make forecast intervals visible in reports

With the new update to SAP Analytics Cloud in the second quarter of 2024, there is a significant improvement in the area of ​​forecast planning. Users now have the option to save forecast intervals together with the forecast values ​​in special planning variants. These prediction intervals can then be visualized directly in the reports.

This feature allows users to better assess the areas of uncertainty and the accuracy of their predictions. This means that not only the predicted values ​​themselves, but also the ranges within which these values ​​are likely to lie are visible. This enables more precise and informed planning as potential fluctuations and uncertainties can be better taken into account.

This innovation is an important step towards improving transparency and reliability in forecast planning and helping companies make more informed decisions.

data modelling

Deploying the new Unit property type

The SAP Analytics Cloud Q2 2024 Update introduces a new Entity property type available for Generic and Organization dimensions. This property can be up to 127 characters long and can be used with measures to specify the unit of measurement.

Similar to currencies, unit properties can now be added to dimensions. When a measure is assigned a unit property, Multi-Dimensional Services (MDS) ensures that no mixed unit aggregation occurs to avoid incorrect results.

This feature improves data integrity and accuracy in analysis by ensuring that calculations are only performed using consistent units of measurement. This is particularly useful in reports and analyzes that involve different units of measurement and ensures that the results are accurate and reliable.

enterprise planning

Data Actions - Story API to query execution status

With the Q2 2024 update of the SAP Analytics Cloud there is a new script API that makes it possible to proactively query the status of data actions. This API provides the following features:

  • Return data action status based on a specific execution ID
  • Establish execution dependencies based on the completion of dependent data actions

This extension allows users to efficiently monitor the progress and status of data actions and ensure that subsequent actions are only executed after the previous ones have been successfully completed. This improves visibility and control when executing complex planning processes and helps minimize potential errors and delays.

Data Exploration

Embedded dialog story filter panel

Improvements to accessibility, functionality and layout of the embedded dialog story filter panel.

  • The new UI5 component “Multi Input” is now used for multiple selection
  • The individual selection now appears as editable text in the input field
  • The variable header title has been removed to avoid duplication
  • Error handling for mandatory variables has been added. The Asterisk indicator is no longer displayed as the header title has been removed

Builder panel improvements

  • The builder panel in the table now shows the hierarchy structure of the available objects.
  • The sorting context menu for available objects is now available for each individual structure.
  • We introduced a splitter in the builder panel that allows users to customize the panel's area.

System and administration

Central control of user settings for administrators

With the Q2 2024 update of SAP Analytics Cloud, administrators now have the ability to centrally control the default settings for user profiles via global user settings. Changes can be applied either only to new users or to all users.

This means administrators no longer need to manually intervene to help users configure their language, date formatting, number formatting and email notifications. This central control saves time and reduces the effort required to individually adjust user settings. This allows administrators to ensure that all users use consistent and uniform settings, increasing usability and efficiency.

This blog post provides just an overview of a few of the latest features and improvements to SAP Analytics Cloud. For more detailed information about these features, please visit the SAP Analytics Cloud Help Portal.

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