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SAP S/4HANA Finance – PREdesign

The highlights of this article:

  • Centralization of closing processes through S/4
  • Avoidance of data redundancies and complex data transfer processes
  • Increasing the transparency and analysis options of final figures
  • We support you with the SAP S/4HANA implementation

In the context of S/4 conversions, despite the idea of ​​a central platform, there is often a selective reaction instead of comprehensive action. We'll tell you why it pays off to incorporate the processes of financial consolidation and group and management reporting directly into conceptual considerations. The finance and controlling processes form the heart of an integrated IT platform. This makes it all the more important to consider the design of the business processes together with the technological options!

Goal – Definition of a business process template

Closing processes are centralized using S/4. Data redundancies and complex data transfer processes can be bypassed, while at the same time the transparency and analysis options for final figures can be significantly increased. There is also the option of setting up consolidated management reporting in much more detail if it makes sense from a group management point of view. Of central importance in the context of implementation projects is the broadening of the perspective and the inclusion of the reporting processes from the point of view of group and management reporting. A business process template has to be developed that describes the posting processes from operative transactions to the identification in a consolidated reporting system. The aim is to harmonize the interaction between the requirements of the operative business processes and those of the group reporting.

The options for reporting are also changing

Based on an S/4 platform, SAP offers three tools with different strengths: the SAP Analytics Cloud, Analysis for Office and Embedded Analytics. Here the question should be asked: "What reports are required in the "new world" and which tool is best suited for the respective report?". This is documented using a cluster for ordering and structuring the group-wide reporting system. This holistic approach results in a variety of synergies - processes can be significantly streamlined.

Don't forget the people

This is accompanied by additional organizational challenges. The tasks and role descriptions of the stakeholders are changing in the S/4 world.

Various questions arise here:

  • Does S/4 change the evaluation level in the consolidated management reporting?
  • Can an operational accountant provide all relevant accounting information?
  • Who is responsible for managing the master data in the S/4 world?
  • What do the underlying communication and maintenance processes look like?

We accompany you in the central steps in the design of your financial processes!

This is how we cast a perfect foundation for the subsequent implementation. A quick project initialization and a comprehensive, structured approach characterize our project approach and help to achieve the best possible result!

At a glance – Our approach -> Your benefits!

With our certified SAP expertise and our project experience with S/4HANA Finance, we will accompany you profitably on your way to implementation.