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SAP S/4HANA for Group Reporting 2402 Release

SAP has released a new release 2402 of SAP S/4HANA Group Reporting (Cloud).

The most important innovations:

1. Time dependency of the position hierarchy - multiple position hierarchies with the same hierarchy ID for different time periods.

2. New APIs for master data – automatic synchronization of master data for consolidation units and group positions with external master data management systems (such as SAP MDM or MDGF).

3. Adaptation of the user interface for the “Release journals” measure – standardization of the system behavior, possibility of overriding the default method with the “Start with request image” option.

4. GRDC – Automatic generation of the traceability protocol possible for each job run and storage of this on the network drive (One Drive or Sharepoint).

5. Review Booklet (Consolidated Financial Statements) Designer – Creation of your own booklets with the definition of the pages and reports that are displayed on these pages. Formatting and customizing reports to customer needs and adjusting the filter options per report. This means that the review booklet is developing from a niche product into a fully-fledged reporting alternative, which can be used in parallel with the FIORI App Group Data Analysis and Excel Addin Analysis for Office.

6. Review Booklet (Consolidated Financial Statements) – Other innovations – PDF export from review booklet, expansion of the report area through hiding options for side panels and navigation lines. Accessibility through keyboard controls and context menus. Integration into MS Teams.

We will test the functionalities and go into more detail about them in the next posts.

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