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SAP Sustainability Control Tower Roadmap 2024

SAP SCT Roadmap

SAP Sustainability Control Tower (SCT) is a Software-as-a-Service solution, which aims to help companies improve their Sustainability performance zu monitor and to manage. It enables companies to track, analyze and optimize their sustainability initiatives including Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) metrics.

The solution supports customers in further developing their sustainability reporting into continuous, holistic management. It offers Real-time insights in the sustainability performance of an organization's processes, suppliers and products. data can from SAP and non-SAP systems to automate data collection and reduce manual data entry - all in a single source of truth.

With ready-made content, which are based on the most important sustainability standards such as GRI, WEF, TCFD, CSRD, the EU taxonomy and more based, customers can have a robust and verifiable ESG reporting create. Next to the reporting enables the solution Sustainability management also to improve one's own sustainability performance through well-founded and correct decisions. This allows users to sustainability goals establish, Progress monitor and take corrective actions to ensure compliance with legal requirements and stakeholder expectations.

SAP Sustainability Control Tower enables companies to:

  • Optimization of data collection and management: Integrate your systems of record directly with SAP Sustainability Control Tower to eliminate errors, increase reporting speed, and improve the audit trail.
  • Improving sustainability reporting: The solution helps companies produce sustainability reports and disclosures that are accurate, transparent, and compliant with legal requirements and industry standards.
  • Sustainability data monitoring and analysis: The solution provides insight into a company's sustainability performance, enabling companies to identify areas for improvement and take corrective action.


In addition, this solution is also subject to constant further development, so that the following expansions, among others, are planned for the current year:

Q2 – 2024

  • Guided calculation of the corporate carbon footprint
  • Updates to the Manage ESG Data app
    Upload goals and basic custom metrics
  • Lifecycle management and expanded coverage for ESG Data Foundation extensibility
    • Expansion options for all data provider interfaces
    • Export and import extension artifacts (custom measures and custom dimensions)
    • Incorporating custom metrics and dimensions into the writing API
    • Incorporating custom metrics into the reading API
  • Updates to the Manage ESG Data app
    Upload goals and basic custom metrics
  • Auditability: Verification of change logs
  • EU taxonomy
    • Fiori application for managing taxonomy objects (permission)
    • Alignment screening workflow

Q3 – 2024

  • Data integration with SAP Product Compliance
    Ability to receive relevant sustainability data directly from SAP Product Compliance through system integration
  • Use of fiscal year variants
    • New app for fiscal period management
    • Visualization of business periods
    • Import and export data based on fiscal periods
  • Sample content for supplier risk assessment and supply chain sustainability management for cloud deployments
  • Data publication on an external disclosure platform
  • Collect data at scale using forms and workflows
  • Fine-grained authorization management
  • Integration with SAP Analytics Cloud for goal setting and planning
    • Set goals at a granular level
    • Use forecasting and prediction functions
    • Write plan data back to SAP Sustainability Control Tower
  • Analytical content for SAP Analytics Cloud
    • Sample content stories in SAP Analytics Cloud for reporting and analyzing measures and calculated metrics in SAP SCT via live connectivity to SAP Analytics Cloud
    • Reports on greenhouse gas emissions (GHG) and environmental measures
  • Sample content for supplier risk assessment and supply chain sustainability management for cloud deployments
  • Sample content for the Science-Based Targets Initiative for Financial Institutions for Cloud Deployments

Q4 – 2024

  • Integration of data from SAP Responsible Design and Production
    Ability to receive relevant sustainability data directly from SAP Responsible Design and Production through system integration
  • Integration of SAP SuccessFactors for use in social metrics
  • Unit handling: Ability to enter data using different units of measurement
  • Integration of sustainability metrics into SAP core processes
    Enable the embedding of sustainability metrics into core processes (e.g. Procure-to-Pay) in SAP software
  • Expandability of the partner app
    Enable partners to create application extensions for SAP Sustainability Control Tower (instead of just extending pre-provisioned content).
  • External benchmarking of sustainability performance
    • Improve internal processes
    • Get an independent overview of how well you are performing compared to other companies
    • Address performance gaps to identify areas for improvement
    • Develop a standardized set of processes and metrics


In summary, when looking at the solution holistically, there are currently a few important ones Benefits recognize that result from the architecture of the SAP Sustainability Control Tower:

  • Guided processes for data collection
  • Pre-built data models, processes, reports and KPIs according to frameworks such as GRI, TCFD, EU taxonomy and many others
  • Easy-to-use reports and dashboards
  • Goal setting and performance management functions

In addition, numerous expansions are planned that will expand compatibility with other applications, such as the SAP Analytics Cloud, SAP SuccessFactors and various partner apps, as well as the functionality with regard to ESG reporting.

SAP Sustainability Control Tower (SCT) is therefore an important factor when it comes to ESG reporting and, as the current roadmap shows, will continue to be continuously adapted and further developed to the needs of customers in the future.

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