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Home » Theme day at Münster University of Applied Sciences: Climate and sustainability in corporate reporting, part 2

Theme day at Münster University of Applied Sciences: Climate and sustainability in corporate reporting, part 2

Climate and sustainability in corporate reporting

To the students of the Master's degree in Accounting, Controlling & Finance, the University of Applied Sciences Münster by Prof. Dr. Klaus Schulte, to bring this complex of topics closer, organized the university together with the INSIRE Consulting GmbH a 2nd theme day.

“Sustainability reporting in industry – developments in organisation, technology and content; Presentation of a project example” was the presentation by Rainer Wollmann, the managing director of INSIRE Consulting GmbH.

Climate change in connection with a growing awareness of sustainability in the population mean that corporations also publish further information on their environmental influences in sustainability reports or in combination with their annual reports (integrated reporting). This information, some of which is mandatory, means that more and more data has to be recorded, stored, processed and processed by the company so that it can ultimately also be used in controlling and accounting. The INSIRE Consulting GmbH in collecting the data with analysis tools such as the SAP Analytics Cloud. This makes it possible to use current data within controlling and accounting for control and reporting purposes.

Processing of cases in group work and presentation of the results

Furthermore, Rainer Wollmann was supported by the senior manager of INSIRE Consulting GmbH Boris Purer, who coordinated and worked on various cases in connection with the sustainability reporting with the students.

INSIRE Consulting GmbH specializes in digitization solutions for group accounting, controlling and analysis and supports customers in a wide range of issues such as implementation and maintenance.

Webinar Sustainability in reporting Developments in technology, process and organization!

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