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Home » The most important questions about the product SAP Analytics Cloud: Interview with our team of experts SAC!

The most important questions about the product SAP Analytics Cloud: Interview with our team of experts SAC!

SAP Analytics Cloud - Interview

The product and our expertise:

Our team around Goran Kovacic, Senior Consultant SAP Analytics Cloud and Wanda Soetomo, BI Technologies Manager is certified by SAP in the field of analytics cloud and they have been able to successfully carry out several planning and reporting projects in recent years. An example was the transformation of a planning in Excel into the SAP Analytics Cloud at a company in the healthcare industry. Furthermore, in internal projects, the colleagues were able to examine the live connection with SAP S/4HANA to the SAP Analytics Cloud as well as advanced analytics options of the SAC, taking into account the advantages of R integration.

Why is the SAC becoming more and more popular?

The SAC offers the user an integrated solution for carrying out analyses, creating reports, setting up planning and budget processes and creating forecasts. Combining these areas in one tool offers many companies significant added value.

With the SAC, SAP now offers a tool that enables the department itself to carry out visual reporting and predictive analyzes of the data. With easy-to-use machine learning capabilities, hidden patterns and complex relationships in data can be discovered, leading to faster, and most importantly, better decisions.

In addition, switching to the SAC, as a SAP product, is easier due to the high and rapid integration with other SAP systems.

From experience we can say that many companies are striving to replace Excel solutions in order to create central and simple access to information that offers employees the opportunity to work with their data in an integrated and communicative manner. The SAC offers business users an agile self-service tool for precisely this purpose.

Which topics can be mapped in the SAC and which projects can be realized?

With the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), SAP offers a promising solution that bundles reporting, corporate planning and other analysis functions in one tool. The One Simple Cloud strategy breaks previous limitations and helps organizations make faster, more efficient decisions. The SAC is used in particular for corporate planning, uniform and cross-departmental reporting solutions and for data-based forecasts. The SAC combines functionalities such as the introduction of a system-supported recording of key figures, the introduction of a system-supported rolling multi-year plan and forecast recording as well as an automated transfer of IT data for investment controlling. The advantage is that the department can get more involved because it is intuitive (self-service).

What are the advantages of the SAP Analytics Cloud?

The SAC is perfectly suited when it comes to integrating data streams from different cloud contexts and the new S/4HANA data structure. With the S/4HANA Live Connection it is also possible to establish a direct connection to the SAP ERP system. Mobile working is also optimally supported: all you need is a web browser with internet access. In addition, cross-collaboration is promoted through chats, presentations, a shared calendar and comment functions as integrated collaboration tools. Data can be analyzed in real time. A live evaluation and the possibility to visualize data and results: on a notebook, tablet or smartphone brings many advantages.

What are the 5 key facts of the SAP Analytics Cloud?

  • No installation / maintenance
  • Intuitive interface
  • Many visualization options
  • Diverse and intelligent evaluation options
  • Free trial

We support you as a partner in the introduction of the SAP Analytics Cloud!

Services and packages SAP Analytics Cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud JUMP start:

If you use Excel for your planning or reporting, we offer you our SAC JUMPstart package.

A comprehensive package for the first steps in the SAC. Get an overview of the added value and functions of the SAP Analytics Cloud in a live demo through the system.

SAP Analytics Cloud PlanExcellence:

Do you need an implementation of your plan data according to SAC in the form of a live connection from e.g. B. S/4HANA or BW, then use our SAC PLANexcellence package.

  • Planning
  • Forecast/Budget
  • Analysis
  • data model and interface
  • planning process

SAP Analytics Cloud ReportExcellence:

If you need comprehensive reporting of your data, then choose our SAC REPORTexcellence package.

  • Reporting
  • Digital boardroom
  • Mobile experiences
  • data model and interface
  • Reporting and dashboarding

Individual offer:

You are welcome to exchange your ideas and requirements in a non-binding discussion with our experts. We will then send you an individually tailored offer according to your requirements.

We understand the requirements and would be happy to advise you on other topics relating to planning and reporting.

In workshops, we convince with our technical and process-oriented know-how as well as best practice experience from reference projects. We will show you the optimal application possibilities in a transparent and understandable way using implemented practical examples and give you recommendations for action.

Talk to us, we would be happy to talk to you!

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