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The SAP New General Ledger (the new general ledger)

SAP New General & SAC

The advantages in connection with the SAP Analytics Cloud

The SAP New General Ledger is the new general ledger from SAP. With New GL, the previous isolated solutions and the previously independent data segments are combined in a single data pot. Read here what advantages this has for you as a user and how the New GL can be integrated into the SAC (SAP Analytics Cloud).

The advantages of SAP New GL (General Ledger)

The SAP New General Ledger combines various data sources in one central location. Furthermore, you can reflect multiple dimensions with the New General Ledger. While previously different data records had to be maintained individually, it is now sufficient to maintain a single one.

New GL can adapt this data to the desired accounting in parallel. The New GL creates a uniform interface and ensures financial statements and standard reporting.

Summary of benefits:

  • Uniform solution for your business
  • Summary of several dimensions in one system
  • Any number of books
  • Customization of reports
  • Less double edits Fast Close
  • Coverage of international requirements 
  • New GL supports the SAP Analytics Cloud for financial reporting

SAP New General Ledger: Simple mapping of accounting

The possibility of creating additional ledgers means that international requirements are also covered, so that less coordination is required. With the parallel ledgers, there is a complete, separate general ledger for each accounting. Various different business variants can be represented by the New GL.

New function: document split

The document split in New GL determines which fields of a posting from other applications are updated in the ledgers of the general ledger. New GL also reduces the effort involved in period-end closing. The reconciliation ledger is no longer required due to the online CO-FI posting. In addition, no subsequent debit is required due to the document split. There are no data redundancies and the integrated Fast Close ensures real-time integration of the Data from controlling to finance.

This is how SAP New GL supports the SAP Analytics Cloud

With the help of New GL SAP Analytics Cloud Access data more easily and effectively for analysis or reporting. 

The new summary table from New GL can be loaded into the SAC via an interface. Since this is only a table, subsequent processing in the SAC has been simplified. Different tables do not have to be linked with each other here, as was previously the case in Classic GL.

In the SAC we only have one data model with all relevant objects from New GL. This enables a wide range of reporting. For example, you can now create a corresponding report for analysis purposes at PC level. Due to the simplified operation of the New GL, there is great added value, especially on the user side. Reporting becomes more efficient and saves time for users.

As an experienced SAP partner, we help you to successfully implement your financial reporting with SAP New GL and the SAC. 

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