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Accounting advisory


What is Accounting Advisory?

We are…

  • In new generation of financial experts with in-depth technological knowledge
  • In bridge between finance and technology In companies
  • In Organizers your Transformation of the finance sector
  • In coordinators and Experts in software implementations

We plan yours with you financial transformation first conceptual and bid at the Implementation the necessary Specialist and technical knowledge in order to the work and communication between subject area, IT and the implementation partner zu coordinate.

We support them with ours transformation approaches when Optimization to achieve the best possible results in your transformation.

Graphic on Brownfield's transformation approach
transformation approaches

How do we work?

Methodical and structured


Transparent and communicative, trusting and 


The key to digital financial transformation success is communication and planning. Accounting Advisory helps you as a subject matter expert with a profound understanding of IT. We plan your transformation with you and mediate between professional requirements and technical implementation.

Christian Bieletzki
Associate Partner
Accounting advisory

Christian Bieletzki
Senior Manager

Challenges of transformation processes

Finance transformation often encounters the following issues

Lack of objectives

No or missing medium- and long-term strategy for finance transformation

Insufficient technology understanding

Lack of technology know-how leads to unused automation potential for finance processes

Inadequate information transfer

Inadequate preparation of functional requirements leads to misleading communication between functional and technical side

Missing functional simplification

No reduction of functional complexity before IT implementation

Missing concept

Inaccurate assessment of functional and technological dependencies.

We ensure an efficient transformation process

We are financial experts with a profound understanding of technology. We build the bridge between finance and technology.

How you will benefit from our expertise

We plan your transformation and develop concepts and strategies

We know the relevant technologies and their potential for your finance processes

We connect your business experts and your IT and guide their collaboration and communication

We challenge your business experts and evaluate functional optimisation potentials

We support and coordinate your implementation as experts

Accounting advisory at a glance

We offer services in functional excellence, process excellence and digital excellence

  • Support in accounting and controlling
  • Identification of optimisation potentials
  • Conception of transformation and strategy development
  • Develop control approach

process excellence

  • Process modelling
  • End to End financial process consulting
  • Process analysis
  • PPI definition

digital excellence

  • Identification of potential for automation and creation of solution concepts (via SAP, BW, etc.)
  • Configuration of data analytics and process mining
  • Selection of softwares
  • RPA implementation via UIPath

Success Stories Accounting Advisory

Our experts will be available to you during the whole project period to answer your questions, analyze your requirements and implement the right tools. We have a strong emphasis on End-to-End consulting and support you from the first meeting through developing a strategy until the implementation is finalised.

We are currently supporting companies in the design and development of a Finance & Accounting Advisory area and would be happy to bring what we have learned to your company in a targeted manner.


Contact Person

Christian Bieletzki

Associate Partner

+ 49 (0) 201 - 830 17 807

Make your company future-proof

In a free initial consultation we will discuss possible solutions with you to make your company future-proof.