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Slim, inexpensive and particularly innovative.

Konsolidator is the optimal solution for small and medium-sized corporations and start-ups that want to financial consolidation, want to optimize their consolidated financial statements and their management reporting.

As a cloud-based SaaS (Software as a Service) solution, Konsolidator is a cost-effective alternative to other financial tools. Automated functions allow you to monitor, review and reconcile your financial data in real time. You always have an overview, save time and ensure high data quality. As an experienced management consultancy in the field of finance & IT, we show from INSIRE You how to use Konsolidator as a financial data warehouse and how to link Excel with the software, among other things.


Our services and packages in the area of ​​consolidators

INSIRE supports you with the following services and packages when introducing Konsolidator.


In order to explain the special features and advantages of the Konsolidator software in the area of ​​financial consolidation, we offer you workshops online or on site. Your questions will be answered competently: How do you successfully use Konsolidator for consolidation, consolidated financial statements and management reporting? What core functions does the software offer? How can you adapt the diverse functions of Konsolidator to your needs?

Consolidator Pre-analysis and implementation

Would you like to use Konsolidator for consolidation, closing and management reporting? We would be happy to create a concept for you and support you in implementing the software.

Individual offer

In addition to the workshop and analysis, we will create an individual offer for you, with which we will respond to your personal wishes and requirements. Feel free to contact us to discuss your ideas and requirements with our experts.

Consolidator – functionalities at a glance

As a cloud-based SaaS solution, Konsolidator offers you the following functions, among others:

  • Real-time monitoring of your financial data
  • automated consolidation at subgroup and group level
  • automated currency conversion
  • intercompany reconciliation
  • Budget and forecast consolidation
  • Interface to ERP and BI systems
  • Consideration of local accounting regulations
  • Custom, intuitive dashboards

Consolidator – our services from INSIRE

With the Danish software Konsolidator we offer an extremely user-friendly solution for your consolidation, your consolidated financial statements and other reporting. We support you in the implementation and use of Konsolidator and guarantee comprehensive advice. 

As a company with several subsidiaries, you can use Konsolidator to consolidate your financial data quickly and easily. Within the software, data can first be collected and stored in a central location. You can then make postings, eliminate subtotals, and perform currency conversions. On top of that, Konsolidator offers various functions to check the consistency of the data and to create clear dashboards and reports. This allows you to visualize and present the results of the consolidation in an attractive way.

Contact us now and learn more about the Konsolidator software. Further information can also be found on our website and in our blog. With our experience and expertise, we support companies in Germany and worldwide in optimizing their business processes and implementing innovative cloud and reporting solutions.


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INSIRE is your partner for consolidation

Contact us now and learn how Konsolidator can help you optimize your finances.


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FAQ – Frequently asked questions about Konsolidator

What is consolidator?

Konsolidator is modern software that you can use to efficiently consolidate your financial entries and create performance reports.

Why is Konsolidator suitable for consolidation?

Konsolidator is specifically designed to meet the needs of small and medium-sized businesses. The software offers a number of helpful functions that you can use to simplify consolidation, consolidated financial statements and management reporting. You have real-time access to your data via a cloud, you can adapt the system flexibly, change the structures of your group quickly and easily and even define KPIs.

What advantages does Konsolidator offer?

Konsolidator offers a variety of benefits to simplify consolidation. Some examples: 

  • Thanks to efficient and practice-oriented automation, you gain time
  • Your data is of high quality 
  • You can create custom reports
  • Konsolidator is a particularly high-quality and inexpensive product