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SAP Group Reporting Release Updates 2022 E-Book

The latest and most important updates are summarized in a compact format

  • 20 Seiten
  • The most important updates
  • Compactly summarized

Discover the latest and most important updates from the Group in our 20-page e-book Reporting from 2022, summarized simply and compactly for you!

  • Master data extension when creating forms (add-hoc master data) (GRDC – Cloud2202)
  • Extension of the reclassification rules for the automation of “at equity” capital consolidation (Cloud2202 + OP2022)
  • Review Booklet – Preformatted Reporting Solution (Cloud2202 + OP2022)
  • Deeper integration of SAP S/4HANA and group reporting (Cloud2202, OP2021) 6
  • Automatic deduction interface from ERP – SAP ECC (GRDC – Cloud2205)
  • Text queries in the GRDC forms (GRDC – Cloud2205)
  • Writing back top-down planning data from SAC to group reporting (Cloud2208 + OP2022)
  • Interface for group reporting master data (CRUD APIs) (Cloud2208 + OP2022)
  • Custom logic and programmed validation and substitution rules (Cloud2208, OP2022)
  • Export to BW/4HANA and SAP Data Warehouse Cloud (Cloud2208 + OP2022)
  • Reclassification Rules – Support Additional and Custom Dimensions (Cloud2208 + OP2022)
  • Restatements and simulations (Cloud2208 + OP2022)
  • Segment reporting through flexible derivation of the consolidation unit in Group Preparation Ledger (Cloud2208 + OP2022)
  • Change local currency of the consolidation unit when carrying forward the balance (Cloud2208 + OP2022)
  • GRDC – data mapping – test run, flat file as target and authorization roles (Cloud2211 + OP2022)
  • Expandability of the master data of the consolidation unit with customer-specific attributes (Cloud2111 + OP2022)
  • Post directly to cash flow positions (reporting positions) (Cloud2111 + OP2022)

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