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Nowadays, companies have an increasing responsibility to act sustainably and to communicate their performance transparently. Meaningful and high-quality sustainability reporting (ESG reporting) plays a central role. It supports companies in measuring, monitoring and improving their sustainability performance. The EU has issued various directives and regulations to standardize the reporting requirements for sustainability aspects for companies.

The mandatory sustainability reports should contain detailed information about environmental, social and governance aspects of the company's business activities, the ESG criteria.

“With our IT consulting expertise, we transform ESG challenges into sustainable opportunities through targeted technologies. Through a precise selection of tools, we develop groundbreaking solutions to create a future-proof corporate landscape.”

Rainer Wollmann, Managing Partner

Rainer Wollmann Managing Partner

ESG reporting topics

Corporate Sustainability Directive

EU Taxonomy: Sales, CapEX (Capital Expenditure), OpEX (Operating Expenditure)

ESG criteria (environment, social, governance)

SAP Sustainability Control Tower

Structure of ESG reporting key figures

Implementation of complex and integrated systems

Dashboarding concepts for ESG reporting

Individual application development




Process analysis and screening of the IT architecture with regard to value flow and data sources for the relevant KPIs


Identification of economic activities within the framework of the EU taxonomy

Selection of softwares

Selection of a software tool that is individually suitable for your company


Integration of, for example, SAP Green Ledger solutions into your existing system landscape


Supporting the human capacity of your project team in the area of ​​sustainability

Our software solutions

other ESG tools

Insight: SAP Sustainability Control Tower (SCT)

The SAP Sustainability Control Tower is a solution that helps companies to monitor, measure, analyze and report on their sustainability performance. Extensive data sources are used to determine important sustainability indicators and to display them in an intuitive user interface. Here are some of the ways the SAP Sustainability Control Tower assists with sustainability reporting:

1. Data integration: The Control Tower enables companies to integrate and analyze data from various sources such as financial systems, supplier portals, social media and sensors. This allows companies to gain a comprehensive view of their sustainability performance.

2. Benchmarking: The Control Tower enables companies to compare their sustainability performance with benchmarks. Companies can compare the performance of other companies in their industry, region or size to assess and improve their own performance.

3. Reporting: The Control Tower offers a range of tools and dashboards that companies can use to measure and report on their sustainability performance. These reports can be used for internal use or for disclosure to stakeholders such as investors, customers and regulators.

4.Risk management: The control tower can also help to identify and assess risks related to the company's sustainability performance. This can help identify potential problems early and take countermeasures.

Importance of software solutions in ESG reporting

1. Transparency: Software-supported sustainability reporting can help to increase a company's transparency. When companies disclose their sustainability performance, they can earn the trust of investors, customers and other stakeholders while ensuring they are meeting their sustainability commitments.

2. Compliance: Software-based sustainability reporting can also help improve a company's compliance. By using software, companies can ensure they comply with all relevant sustainability regulations and laws and avoid possible fines or penalties.

3. Efficiency: Software-supported sustainability reporting can also help to increase a company's efficiency. By automatically collecting and analyzing sustainability data, companies can make faster and more accurate decisions to achieve their sustainability goals.

4. Competitiveness: Software-supported sustainability reporting can also help to increase a company's competitiveness. More and more consumers and investors value sustainability and prefer companies that implement sustainable business practices. Good sustainability reporting can help to address these target groups and improve the company's image.

5. Sustainable Business Practices: Finally, software-supported sustainability reporting can also help ensure that companies are geared towards long-term success. By collecting and analyzing sustainability data, companies can identify weaknesses in their business practices and take action to improve them. This can help improve the company's profitability over the long term, as sustainable business practices are often more cost-effective as well.

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