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SAP Analytics training

Immerse yourself in the world of the SAP Analytics Cloud and get your team ready for maximum efficiency! Our tailored training courses show your users how to use the full potential of the platform. Let our experts accompany you and optimize your workflows!

The SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) has established itself as the leading platform for comprehensive data analysis and decision-making. Get insights into the world of SAP Analytics Cloud as we walk through the key aspects that enable you to make data-driven decisions and increase the efficiency of your business processes.

From the basics to advanced techniques, take an informative journey through key focus areas and discover how you can leverage the full potential of SAP Analytics Cloud.

Overview of our training offerings

  • Introducing SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Navi
  • Opportunities in the SAC
  • Presentation of modeling, reporting, planning
  • First insights into data sets: Editing and cleaning data sets
  • First insights into data models
  • Create a story based on built models
  • Chart functions
  • Story templates, Data Explorer
  • Dynamic calculations
  • Filter options
  • Defining the need for the digital boardroom
  • Define SAC model
  • Define model dimensions
  • Define model metrics
  • take care of the basic data
  • Transaction data
  • Perform currency conversion
  • Definition of the professional and technical planning process
  • Planning data in story tables
  • Version management in SAP Analytics Cloud
  • Data table and mass data maintenance
  • Forecasting with predictive analysis
  • Data actions in SAC
  • Data action with copy step
  • Data actions with cross-model copy step
  • Data Action with Embedded Data Action Step
  • Data Actions with Advanced Formula Step
  • Execute and monitor data actions
  • Opportunities for system administrators in the SAC
  • Predictive model, story
  • Duration individually after evaluation
  • Unique opportunity to develop customized solutions in the customer's SAP Analytics Cloud system
  • Analysis of individual requirements and challenges on site
  • Focus on effective solutions directly at the workplace
  • Training team to support the integration of acquired knowledge into work processes
  • Intensive training with a focus on practical application and direct implementation in the system

Practical approach for efficiency and success

In all aspects of training, from the basic introduction to in-depth data modeling, we place a clear focus on a practice-oriented approach. Our training courses are designed to not only impart knowledge, but also to ensure direct applicability in your work environment. Using real scenarios and practical examples, we show how the concepts of the SAP Analytics Cloud can be successfully applied in concrete situations. This practice-oriented approach enables you to immediately implement what you have learned in your daily tasks and thus increase the efficiency and success of your business processes.

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SAP SAC training

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