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As a SAP partner, we support you and your company - with advice, workshops and support for the SAP SEM-BCS & SAP EC-CS tools!

Attention: End of maintenance for SAP EC-CS December 31.12.2025, 31.12.2027, end of maintenance for SEM-BCS on December XNUMX, XNUMX

Would you like to speed up your consolidated financial statements and design them effectively?

With the classic products SEM-BCS (Business Consolidation System) and EC-CS, SAP has always provided technologies with comprehensive functionality that significantly accelerate and effectively structure your consolidated financial statement process. Please note that the manufacturer SAP has limited maintenance times for the products SAP EC-CS and SAP SEM-BCS. 
However, continue to use the SEM-BCS on a BW/4HANA platform and benefit from new innovations from SAP BCS/4HANA.

“SAP SEM-BCS as a classic consolidation tool includes a continuous matrix consolidation, so that legal financial statements and financial statements from the management perspective can be created in parallel in one processing. However, you can now benefit from new SAP innovations BCS/4HANA. "

Peter Thesing, Manager SAP SEM-BCS, SAP EC-CS, SAP BCS/4HANA

Peter Thesing


Services and packages at a glance

Conception & planning

Customer-specific conception up to the planning of the consolidated financial statement process


Establishment of the consolidated financial statement process


System-side integration of the consolidated financial statement process from plan to actual world

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Basics and processing
The SAP SEM-BCS is considered to be the product with the most comprehensive range of functions in the area of ​​financial consolidation solutions and has been on the market since 2002.

Constant further functional developments and adjustments to the legal circumstances make the SEM-BCS a comprehensive tool for consolidated reporting, suitable for legal financial statements according to HGB, IFRS and US-GAAP as well as consolidated financial statements for internal control purposes.

The predefined logic, which you can adapt thanks to customizing, allows you to effectively design your group reporting and consolidated financial statements. The tool is also compliant with regulatory authority requirements, allowing you to comply with common regulations and standards.

The functionality of the SEM-BCS includes a continuous matrix consolidation, so that legal financial statements and financial statements from the management point of view can be created in parallel in one processing.

SAP Consolidation Monitor SAP BCS/4HANA

The way in which SEM-BCS is processed and consolidated is based on the relevant consolidation hierarchies, that is, the system posts the relevant documents for each hierarchy level; in the case of multi-level hierarchies, delta documents are posted for each hierarchy level. Processing is therefore carried out in an overall hierarchy view, depending on the hierarchy level. The postings are saved to the database as a delta for each period. The values ​​of the closing balance sheet and the associated appendix information are used as opening values ​​in the next financial year via the balance carryforward function.

The basis for the processing and the reporting logic of SAP SEM-BCS are document types and built-in account assignment types. These include individual posting and reporting logics that lead to consistent, transparent consolidated financial statements. Each document contains a unique document number and is assigned to a posting level. You can book all measures that you want to take either automatically or manually. Corrections are possible at any time. With the option of testing measures, you can record and, if necessary, correct errors before the first real posting run.

SEM-BCS allows you to manage multiple charts of accounts for different accounting standards. In addition, consolidated financial statements can be prepared in several group currencies at the same time.

Functional interface and user guidance

You can access the SAP SEM-BCS interface either via the SAP GUI (SAP Graphical User Interface) or a Web Dynpro application. With SAP SEM-BCS you simplify your consolidation process both at the level of the individual companies and at the company code level. Data and consolidation monitors offer you an overview of all relevant information, tailored to the needs of the respective user.

Although the optics do not meet the latest standards, they are extremely functional.
In addition to the organizational structures of the group, you can read all the consolidation measures and specify a mandatory sequence including dependencies. This is done in the form of a hierarchy.

You can also view and edit the status and degree of completion of your measures at any time. Thanks to the integrated logic, you can generate posting documents quickly and easily. The data model is based on FI processes.

The presentation of planning and actual reporting in one system is also possible.

plan consolidation

plan consolidation

You can also process plan values ​​using a separate consolidation version at the same time. The version-dependent customizing or the function of the special version helps here. You can therefore use system settings for actual reporting unchanged for processing plan values, e.g. consolidation rules, or you can decouple system settings. The postings to totals item function enables the plan consolidation in SEM-BCS to be structured more aggregated.
Plan values ​​can be processed in SEM-BCS using multi-period consolidation over several periods or fiscal years. Thus, the mapping of a multi-year plan is possible.

reporting system

Reporting system for the transfer of individual financial statements

The SEM-BCS offers the possibility of automatically taking over data from other SAP systems via the loading path of the SAP Business Warehouse. It is also possible to connect other systems to the SAP Business Warehouse. Using the "Load from data stream" function, the data is controlled individually for each company or business area in the SEM-BCS. The system allows the attachment information to be reported separately. In addition to the notification of the automatic loading route, the system offers an upload function or manual entry via layouts.
Each position value with all relevant sub-assignments such as movement types for mirror representations and partner details are automatically checked for technical correctness during the reporting process.

In addition, individual data validations can be defined in SEM-BCS in order to ensure the quality of the data at an early stage for all reports from the group companies.
An integrable reconciliation measure for intercompany issues can be used to identify any offsetting differences from the reporting company's perspective. A so-called difference split is possible here, so that currency-related differences can be recognized from non-currency-related differences. This is achieved by reporting the value in transaction currency.

Functional Overview

Overview of essential functions of the SEM-BCS

Functional enhancements are delivered within the SEM-BCS with so-called enhancement packages. This allows you to decide individually which function should be activated for your consolidated financial statements. The following additional essential functions are available for use. There have been numerous optimizations in recent years, especially in the context of the IFRS regulations:

  • Legal consolidation according to the regulations of the IAS, HGB, US-GAAP
  • management consolidation
  • matrix consolidation
  • Automatic capital consolidation with numerous individual functions such as change of parent code or at-equity functionality, goowill statement in local currency
  • Automatic postings using reclassifications
  • Mapping of companies to be included proportionately 
  • Currency conversion according to the modified closing rate method
  • Debt and expense and revenue consolidation
  • Elimination of interim results in current and fixed assets
  • IFRS restatements for the retroactive adjustment of financial statements 
  • Revaluation of deferred tax entries
  • Version-dependent customizing


There are various reporting options within SAP SEM-BCS: You get an insight into all posted documents and can view and analyze totals records. Re-statements can also be mapped. The extensive filter options of the system give you an insight into all master data.
BEX queries can be created via Analysis for Office (AfO), which you can use for internal and external purposes. Thanks to SAP BW, you can use third-party tools for reporting and integrate and evaluate additional data from other departments. It is important to note that you may need to precalculate this data in order not to disrupt the virtual logic within the system.

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