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As a SAP partner, we support you and your company – with advice, workshops and the implementation of the SAP BCS/4HANA consolidation tool!

Would you like to speed up your consolidated financial statements and design them effectively? Be prepared for the future and get to know amazing developments, the SAP BCS/4HANA!

With the classic products SEM-BCS (Business Consolidation System) and EC-CS, SAP has always provided technologies with comprehensive functionality that significantly accelerate and effectively structure your consolidated financial statement process.
SAP BCS/4HANA is the latest SAP tool for group reporting and preparation of consolidated financial statements based on a SAP BW/4HANA.
Take advantage of that SEM BCS Continue on a BW/4HANA platform and benefit from new innovations of BCS/4HANA.
Alternatively, SAP offers a complete strategy with SAP S/4HANA S/4HANA Finance for Group Reporting with a completely new, very strongly integrated approach. The financial consolidation is carried out technically close to the source of the data, the individual financial statements of the individual companies.

"BCS/4HANA enables an extended scope of services for the preparation of consolidated financial statements and the consolidation of planning figures as well as a switch to the Next Generation Data Ware Housing solution SAP BW/4HANA."

Peter Thesing, Manager SAP SEM-BCS, SAP EC-CS, SAP BCS/4HANA

Peter Thesing


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Conception & planning

Customer-specific conception up to the planning of the consolidated financial statement process


Establishment of the consolidated financial statement process


System-side integration of the consolidated financial statement process from plan to actual world

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You are welcome to exchange your ideas and requirements in a non-binding discussion with our experts. We will then be happy to send you an individually tailored offer according to your requirements.

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SAP BCS/4HANA - the successor of SEM-BCS on BW/4HANA 

With SAP BCS/4HANA as the “successor” of SEM BCS on BW/4HANA you can design your consolidation processes efficiently on a BW/4HANA platform. The sophisticated solution offers a variety of extensive functionalities that help you carry out your consolidated financial statements for actual and planned data. Thanks to SAP BCS/4HANA, you can process and analyze even large amounts of data particularly quickly and, to a large extent, automatically as part of the closing process. Through the Maintenance commitment until 2040 Thanks to SAP, this solution is also on stable ground in the long term and gives your company planning and investment security.

The further development of the SAP BCS for SAP BW/4HANA, called BCS/4HANA, has the functionality of the old tool SEM-BCS with additional new functionalities. These are, for example, simpler customizing, better processing of the closing and an extension of the posting logic.

SAP Consolidation Monitor SAP BCS/4HANA

SAP BCS/4HANA - important functions for consolidation

With the introduction of SAP BCS/4HANA, SAP offers the possibility to continue to use almost all functionalities of SAP SEM-BCS, e.g.:

  • Orchestration of the preparation of the consolidated financial statements and traceability of the process
  • Integration of legal and management reporting in one system
  • Processing of different accounting standards, e.g. HGB or IFRS
  • Display of different data versions, e.g. for actual and plan data
  • Extensive functionalities also for demanding consolidation processes in the area of ​​group offsetting, elimination of interim results and capital consolidation
  • Comprehensive technical and content-related data validation to ensure data quality
  • Detailed design of system authorizations

SAP BCS/4HANA - these innovations await you

With SAP BCS/4HANA you access the latest business warehouse solution, currently BW/4HANA 3.0. Based on this, you have the option of integrating heterogeneous ERP system landscapes and harmonizing the data for the consolidated financial statements.

Furthermore, on BW/4HANA you have the option of running other SAP solutions on the platform in addition to SAP BCS/4HANA (e.g SAP BPC). BW/4HANA can act as a “single source of financial truth”. Also the reporting systems such as Analysis for Office or SAP Analytics Cloud are an integral part of this architecture.

In addition, SAP BCS/4HANA offers you additional functionalities. Examples would be:

  • Upload/download functions (single selections, reclassification/allocation/validation settings
  • Cross-period predecessor relationships
  • Version-dependent settings "account assignment" (e.g. account assignment type, BuE lock)
  • Mass change for action status after changes in Customizing
  • Allocation of methods to measures depending on reusable (named) individual selections (e.g. attribute selections) for characteristics of consolidation units
  • Activation of the "Partial disposal as a capital transaction" functionality has been simplified
  • Activation of OCI recycling has been simplified
  • Direct reading of reported financial data from source info providers without replication in aDSO for BCS summary records
  • Text comments for summary data
  • Various adjustments when recording man. Documents (e.g. automatic sign reversal)
  • Copying Receipts - Performance improvement of the line item copy function
  • Logging of monitor status changes
  • User exit in intercompany elimination
  • Extension of the restatement functionalities (e.g. for planning)
  • Bidirectional validation of participation (additional reporting data vs. summary records)
  • Adjustment of the first consolidation within the automatic capital consolidation also after the first consolidation time
  • Consistency checks when canceling and inverting documents
  • Changing the period status using the selection screen
  • Optimizing the posting of movement types in capital consolidation
  • Multidimensional matrix consolidation in management reporting
  • Multiple selection for consolidation groups listing line items

Our services with SAP BCS/4HANA

Would you like to carry out your future consolidation with SAP BCS/4HANA? We from INSIRE offer you extensive services in connection with SAP BCS/4HANA. Among other things, we support you with the implementation of the tool, provide training courses for employees and design tailor-made solutions. 

With SAP BCS/4HANA you get a powerful and user-friendly system that improves, simplifies and accelerates your consolidated financial statements.

Our experienced and qualified team will be happy to support you with all your questions and requirements financial consolidation. 

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