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SAP Analytics cloud

SAP Analytics Cloud is a powerful financial planning and analytics cloud solution that supports informed decisions, optimizes financial performance, and helps companies design more efficient financial processes, minimize risks, and identify opportunities for business growth.

Definition: SAP Analytics Cloud

Using SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC), SAP offers a comprehensive business analytics solution that enables customers to manage their data to analyze both in the cloud and locally. SAC integrates various data sources and provides powerful analytics capabilities to help companies informed decisions and optimize their performance, including financial planning and analysis.

By centralizing financial data, the Automation of budgeting processes and the provision of a holistic view on a company's financial performance, SAC enables finance teams to quickly access real-time data, create forecasts and analyze financial metrics. This allows them to make informed decisions and improve the company's financial health.

What is the benefit of the SAP Analytics Cloud?

The SAP Analytics Cloud combines various analysis and planning tools in a single cloud-based platform. It enables seamless integration of financial data from various sources and offers advanced analysis and visualization functions. By using cloud technology, companies can quickly access current data and avoid complex IT infrastructures.

SAP Analytics Cloud helps companies make informed decisions by providing a transparent and holistic view of their financial performance. By integrating real-time planning and actual data, companies can create accurate budgets, forecasts and simulations to optimize their business processes and drive growth.

What advantages does the SAP Analytics Cloud offer me?

The SAP Analytics Cloud offers an innovative solution for agile, automated and valid financial planning and analysis. It seamlessly integrates various functions and interprets the process as an integral part of the entire financial closing process. The platform enables companies to access relevant information in real time and use financial data efficiently. Some of the benefits of SAP Analytics Cloud are:

  • Real-time access to data from various sources
  • Options for implementing continuous accounting
  • Accelerate the financial close process
  • Fast and direct access to critical financial indicators of the local units enable efficient corporate management
  • Reduction of complex coordination and analysis processes
  • Comprehensive system integration
  • Standardization of financial processes creates transparency in the closing process
  • Carrying out pre-consolidation activities directly at the data source
  • The Universal Journal as the basis for completely consistent data throughout the closing process
  • Shortening the closing time by optimizing the consolidation processes
  • Elimination of IT-intensive loading routines
  • Through the SAP S/4HANA platform, simultaneous elimination of all intercompany information and a consolidated financial statement in addition to the individual financial statements


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Integrated planning and reporting model via SAP Analytics Cloud
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