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Home » SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) release update 2nd quarter 2022 - the new date functionalities in the SAC clearly explained! 

SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) release update 2nd quarter 2022 - the new date functionalities in the SAC clearly explained! 

SAC date function

What is the SAP Analytics Cloud? 

With the SAP Analytics Cloud solution, you can merge analysis and planning processes and benefit from the unique integration into SAP applications and smooth access to heterogeneous data sources. 

The SAC has become very stable and extensive for reporting and planning over the last few years. We recommend our customers to switch from Excel to SAC. Customers who use SAP BW have many other advantages when using the SAC. 

Release Q2 2022 - new date functionality 

With the release of the second quarter of 2022, the SAC (SAP Analytics Cloud) received some updates. In the following article we will focus on updating the Date Dimension. 

The most valuable change: If desired, values ​​can be distributed individually if they are written over an entire year. Previously, the values ​​had to be entered automatically and evenly for all months of the year. In addition, values ​​can now be posted to "unassigned" so that they can be distributed at a later date. 

Booking behavior SAP Analytics Cloud Unassigned function
Unassigned function:
Either the values ​​are distributed directly based on the granularity of the date or there is no distribution and the value ends up on unassigned, which can then be distributed according to certain parameters.

Furthermore, the year can now be divided into weekly periods. For example, you can choose between 4-4-5, 4-5-4, 5-4-4 and 13×4 weeks. It is possible to define the first day of the week and the first week of the year. The start month of the financial year can now also be selected. The financial calendar contains the calendar date and also a "range mapping" for the individual weeks. All 53 weeks can also be displayed based on the settings mentioned above. 

SAP - characteristics of the date dimension
New function: Characteristics of the date dimension

Another innovation is that new customizable date elements can be added. Adjustment periods are an example of this. Furthermore, attributes such as holiday periods or the day of the beginning of the month can be specified in order to use them in calculations or to modify existing attributes. 

The advantages of updating the SAP Analytics Cloud at a glance: 

  • week granularity 
  • Individual distribution of the values ​​or posting to "unassigned"  

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